Walk In Whirlpool Tub Review

There are few greater pleasures in life than a long, warm, relaxing bath. It is simply the best way to unwind after a long tiresome day and a perfect way to relieve aches and pains. Unfortunately, most people with mobility concerns know that simply taking a bath can be a hazardous experience. It is because of this fact that manufacturers of bath tubs and other bathroom accessories have come up with new bath tub designs. Walk in whirlpool bathtubs are designed for individuals with limited mobility and for those who want a spa-like experience but have limited space. The following are some of the features of the walk in whirlpool tub:

Wall height 

The wall height varies from approximately 37 to 47 inches. This is very helpful to individuals with limited mobility or those who have difficulties being steady. This height decreases the possibility of one falling out o the bath tub or through glass of the shower door.

Built in shower seat 

The walk in whirlpool bathtub has a built-in shower seat. The seat is chair height and includes a textured surface to prevent someone from falling off the seat. It is important to point out that rising from a chair height seat is easier than rising from a standard tub floor.

Textured floor

In order to prevent slipping while taking a bath, the bathtub also features a textured floor surface. It is essential to emphasize that you should not buy a walk in bath tub without this vital feature as a tub without it can lead to accidents.

Grab bars

This is a very important feature. Most walk in whirlpool tubs have one or two grab bars that help in mobility and when standing up or sitting down. Since these bath tabs are ideal for people who have mobility problems, including grab bars helps them move easily in and out the bath tub.

Watertight door

Most tubs offer an inward opening door but an outward opening door is sometimes an option that is great for individuals who need to transfer from a wheelchair or from the shower chair. The watertight door usually has a lifetime warranty on the seal.

Hand held shower head

This walk in bath tub also features a handheld shower head which is usually located at the front of the tub alongside the faucets. This feature makes it easy to pour water on your body as you take a bath.